Mint Analysis (‘M.INT’) delivers a range of talent & reputation consulting services to organisations across multiple sectors. Candidates undergoing (pre-)employment screening are encouraged to read the below information to understand M.INT’s practices and policies in relation to their personal data.


Who does this Privacy Policy apply to and what does it include?

This Privacy Policy is made available to candidates undergoing screening.  

We value your trust and commit ourselves to taking all reasonable precautions to protect your personal data. This Privacy Policy outlines our responsibilities in treating your personal data securely and with respect; including, what personal data we collect and why, how we process it and the security measures we implement to keep it safe.

Lawful Processing & Consent

What is the lawful basis for processing my personal data?

Only your (prospective) employer can determine the lawful basis for processing your personal data.

In relation to your background check, your (prospective) employer is the Data Controller of your personal data. M.INT is the Data Processor of your personal data.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Controller is responsible for determining the lawful basis for processing your personal data. As the Data Processor, M.INT operates solely under direction from its clients and processes your personal data in accordance with your (prospective) employer’s instructions.

Do you collect consent?

We may request your consent where required by your (prospective) employer or other authorised bodies.

M.INT may request your explicit and informed consent to facilitate the completion of any requested background checks where your consent may be required by relevant sub-processors or third-parties (e.g. Disclosure & Barring Service, your employment/academic references or public record dispensing bodies).

You have the right to revoke your consent at any time; however, please note that this consent may not impact your (prospective) employer’s lawful basis for processing personal data and may only affect the processing of such checks where your consent is explicitly required. Should you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, please contact your (prospective) employer.

Background Checks Processing

How does the process work?

Our screening processes are simple, secure and fast.

Where applicable, you will be contacted with a personalised introductory email containing your login details together with a link to M.INT’s secure online portal, where you will have the opportunity to submit your information directly to M.INT. Upon completion of the check (typically within 5 business days from the point of full submission of all required information), M.INT will communicate the results of its checks to your (prospective) employer.

It is important to note that M.INT does not hold any decision-making authority over your candidacy or eligibility and that any decisions regarding your candidacy rest solely with your (prospective) employer.

What if my (prospective) employer requests additional checks (e.g. criminal record or employer referencing)?

The process remains simple and secure.

In instances where third-party checks are required, the processing time may be longer and you may be invited to populate additional fields outside of the M.INT portal. In such instances, you will be provided with all necessary instruction and support via a personalised email.

Do you operate any automated decision-making?


Data Collection

Why do you collect personal data?

We may collect your personal data in order to perform the screening checks requested by your (prospective) employer with greatest possible accuracy.

This information will allow M.INT to carry out an Open Source check for any publicly available information that may be associated with your candidacy in the context of both your own, as well as your (prospective) employer’s, reputation and security.

By using M.INT, your (prospective) employer is actively seeking to promote high standards of selection and employment to align their strong cultural ethos with your right to a safe, inclusive and productive working culture.

What personal data do you collect?

We collect your personal data as outlined below.

M.INT may ask you to submit some personal data via our secure online portal in accordance with the screening check requested, which could include the following information:

·        Personal details (name, former/maiden names or any known aliases or usernames and date of birth)

·        Contact details (residential address, email address, telephone number)

·        Professional and/or academic history

·        Documents (CV, copy of ID, copy of proof of address)

·        And, solely where applicable for employment, academic, county court or criminal history checks: professional and/or academic qualifications and references, nationality, place of birth and address history.

M.INT may also collect personal data associated with your person in the course of its screening processes. This personal data is limited to publicly available online information, including any of the above outlined information, drawn from sources that may include publicly available records & registers, (digital) media, social media, blogs, public archives, sanctions lists and, where applicable, your employment and/or academic references and any relevant qualification boards, credit reference agencies, regulatory bodies or law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, when you visit our website (, M.INT may collect your IP address for analytical business purposes and as a means of improving your website browsing experience. The full terms of our Cookie Policy may be found here.

Data Security & Sharing

Is my personal data secure and treated responsibly?


M.INT protects your personal data from breach, disclosure, loss, misuse, or unauthorised access by implementing all such organisational and technical security procedures as are required to maintain the confidentiality and security of all personal data processed. M.INT further enforces strict confidentiality principles and anonymises and encrypts personal data wherever applicable for additional privacy measures.

Do you use or share personal data for any reason other than the purpose of my background check?


M.INT does not use any of your personal data for any purpose other than the fulfilment of its contractual obligations – that is, the completion of the relevant background checks requested by your (prospective) employer. Unless required to by law, M.INT will not share this information with anyone outside of M.INT staff, relevant client representatives and any authorised sub-processors required for the completion of the screening check

Data Retention

How long is my personal data kept for?

Your (prospective) employer controls how long M.INT retains your personal data.

M.INT deletes your personal data within no more than six months after the completion of your check, unless otherwise instructed by your (prospective) employer. You may inquire with your (prospective) employer about their data retention policies.

Please note that M.INT may retain your name for essential business and/or record keeping purposes.

Data Subject Rights

How can I exercise my rights as a Data Subject / Can I withdraw my consent?

In respect to your rights as a Data Subject, you are encouraged to contact your (prospective) employer.

Under UK and European Data Protection legislation, you have certain rights regarding your personal data. Please note that M.INT is a Data Processor and is processing your personal data on the instruction of your (prospective) employer, the Data Controller. Should you wish to exercise your rights, you are advised to direct your inquiry to a relevant point of contact at your (prospective) employer.


How do I contact M.INT with any further questions?

Please email with your query and we will endeavour to reply ASAP.

Candidate Privacy Policy; February 2019.