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Unmitigated adverse content linked to an organisation can influence public opinion, drive stock market performance and damage brands - externally and internally.

Through a highly innovative and modern approach, we ensure that good companies hire good people. Because when it comes to your security, culture and reputation, every hire matters.

We treat our responsibility very seriously and pledge our commitment and expertise to assuring that all of our Partners continue to be wowed by our service delivery, timeliness and dependability. 

A core element of our mission statement is to assist our Partners in empowering their ability to implement their Values and Codes of Conduct in relation to the principles of Respect and Tolerance as concerns their staff and public image as corporate citizens. It follows that we hold these tenants in the highest regard in our own business operations and partnerships. See our commitment to ethical research standards and data security below. Click here for our 'Ethical Business and Conduct Policy'.


(For M.INT's Sports Intelligence Service, please visit 'Smarter Scouting')


High-touch Investigations:

Achieve peace of mind and operational excellence with a dedicated, high service intensity partnership model to assist your business strategy.

Ensure accurate and comprehensive assessment of both content and context of findings delivered by a specialist, security screening-accredited research staff.

Principled Insight:

All OSINT investigations are strictly limited to publicly available sources with no protected characteristics ever reported.

Checks are carried out in stringent compliance with the GDPR; including fair, lawful, accurate and relevant treatment of data with retention proportionate to requirement.

Secure Client Portal:

Simplicity at its finest with an easy-to-use online portal.

M.INT partners with Salesforce - "the first top 10 software company to achieve approval for the Binding Corporate Rules of the European Data Protection Authorities" to deliver a secure channel for submitting check requests and receiving clear & actionable reports. 

Data Security:

Data protection and IT infrastructure & process flow designed for, and in accordance with, GDPR requirements.

All personal data securely housed within the United Kingdom, both in transit and at rest.

Reporting can be anonymised and double encrypted for additional privacy and security.