M.INT's Sports Intelligence Service; Smarter Scouting & Recruitment


Protect your TALENT.

Protect your organisation.

M.INT provides unique player insight for elite sport organisations, from academy & collegiate to professional level. Player Risk Analysis is designed to guide teams’ Draft and Transfer Market strategies with 2 core applications: Prospect Insight & Player Risk Mitigation.


Prospect Insight

Smarter Scouting & Shortlisting: Refine draft and transfer targets with prospect fit & risk analysis to allocate scouting budget and resources more effectively.

Smarter Recruitment: Achieve greater player-signing efficiency by tapping into critical decision drivers and signing motivations to secure desired players, domestic or foreign, ahead of your competition with tailored messaging.

Player Risk Analysis

De-risk players’ public profiles & digital footprints to forestall adverse media and public scrutiny.

Mitigate reputation risks to team performance and organisational good standing posed by players, management and front office personnel to minimise exposure to PR crises.



The M.INT advantage is unique.

Harness the power of M.INT's Player Risk Analysis for a 'Smarter Scouting & Recruitment' operation.

Gain the critical insight required to secure top targets and have the peace of mind that M.INT's research is conducted to the highest ethical and compliance standards in respect to data processing and security.

Protect your players and your organisation’s brand integrity from adverse scrutiny and preventable PR risk.

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